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Coronavirus Safety Precautions


As we do our best to make sure that everyone remains safe, healthy and coronavirus
free, we will be strictly following all CDC guidelines and regulations.  We have also put
into place our own additional safety precautions to further ensure the safety of our
students and staff. Please make sure that your child has washed his/her hands with
soap and warm water before coming to Studio A. We ask that you keep your child home
if he/she is feeling ill, running a fever, experiencing a cough, shortness of breath or
To keep human interaction to a minimum, we are requesting that students be dropped
off at the door fully dressed for class with minimal clothes changes. Both students and
staff members will be required to wear mask at all times while inside the building and
will be required to exercise social distancing, following a "no touching" policy.  
Each student will go through an entrance survey inquiring about where they have been,
their human interactions, and how they have been feeling over the past 48 hours.  Once
cleared, students will then have their temperature taken. Their temperature must be
lower than 100°F.  Once they are cleared, they will then receive hand sanitizer and be
permitted to fully enter the building, prepare for class, and place all of their belongings in
one bag.  They will be given a space to place their bag during their class and then they
will immediately enter their studio where they will remain until dismissal. If a dancer
needs to use the bathroom, he/she must wash their hands with soap and warm water
before returning to class. They will again receive hand sanitizer before resuming class
activities. Finally, at the end of class, students will receive hand sanitizer, gather their
belongings and be dismissed.

entrance survey
hand sanitizer
temperature check
waiting their turn to enter,
while social distancing
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