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Our program runs for 10 months just like the school year, September thru June. Classes will start the day after Labor Day following our posted schedule.  You will pay your first month and your registration here to secure your slot. On the first day of class, you will have 3 options to choose from on how you will pay for classes. See options below:


Option #1 - Upfront in full covering October thru June.


Option #2 - Upfront for the first semester coving October thru December


Option #3 - Month to month by way of automatic debit starting in October thru June. ( You will sign the class agreement on the first day of class)



Intro to Dance (ages 3-4 years old)  

Saturday 9am - 10am  



Ballet/Modern 1A (age 5-7)

Saturday 9am – 10am Ballet 

Thursday 6pm-7pm   Modern 


Ballet/Modern 1B (age 8-10) 

Saturday 10am – 11am  Ballet  

Thursday 7pm-8pm  Modern 


Ballet/Modern 2 (beginners ages 11 and up)

Monday 6pm-7pm Ballet 

Wednesday 6pm-7pm Modern 


Ballet/Modern 3 (intermediate/advanced ages 11 and up) 

Monday  7pm-8pm Ballet

Wednesday 6pm-7pm Modern 


Lovely Littles Competition Team Ballet/Modern   

Saturday 11am-12noon Ballet 

Monday - 6pm - 7pm Moderm  


Jazzy Juniors Competition Team - Ballet/Modern

Saturday - 11am - 12noon Ballet 

Monday - 7pm - 8pm Modern 


Petite Company Competition Team- Ballet/Modern

Tuesday - 6pm - 7pm Ballet 

Thursday - 6pm - 7pm Modern 


Company Prep Competition Team - Ballet/Modern

Tuesday - 7pm - 8pm Ballet 

Thursday - 7pm -8pm Modern 


Company Competition Team - Ballet/Modern

Tuesday - 8pm - 9pm Ballet 

Thursday - 8pm - 9pm Modern 


Intro to HIP HOP (ages 5-9)

Wednesday 6pm-7pm 


Hip Hop 2 (ages 10 and up)

Tuesday 8pm-9pm 


Little Hip Hop Competition 

Wednesday 7pm - 8pm  


Intermediate Hip Hop Competition

Wednesday 7pm - 8pm 


Advanced Hip Hop Competition

Wednesday 8pm - 9pm 



Wednesday 8pm-9pm 


Modeling/Etiquette 2 (7th grade thru high school)

Tuesday 6pm-7pm 


Etiquette/Modeling 1(up to 6th grade)

Tuesday 7pm-8pm 

CLASS COST (monthly)

Intro to Dance            $75

Tap                           $75

Hip Hop                    $75

Ballet only                 $100

Modeling/Etiquette     $100

Ballet/Modern            $125

Adult Modeling           $50

Adult Dance               $75

Adult Exercise         $15 drop in fee

                               (free for parents and grands)




Ballet/Modern and Hip Hop      $155

Ballet/Modern and Mod/Etiq    $155

Any two classes                       $155

Any three classes                     $185

All four classes                        $200

 $35 Registration fee for all registrations.

A Registration Agreement must be sign by all parents on or before the  first day of classes.

Classes start on the Tuesday after Labor Day. We will be following our class schedule posted on this website.

After adding your class to the cart, click "continue shopping" to return to this page to add your registration to that cart.

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